Über mich

My name is Natalija Tschelej and you are cordially invited to get a better picture of me. My life-story started in Moscow some 40 years ago - my mother was an engineer and my father an astrophysicist, radio and electrical engineer. It went on with many adventures on school, Mathematical College, business studies at the Academy of Finance and Commerce. At just 21, I founded my first own company, then went on to stock market traders at LCE.

Then came the big turnaround: Family & Austria - a beautiful country with many mountains, lakes, valleys, churches and much more. There was also a new language, new culture, new style approaching me - in thinking, living, living, feeling and perception. With all the great changes in my life deep connections with other people stayed alive.

The joy of learning remained and followed me. The enthusiasm for well-groomed, natural-radiating people also remained in my life. And the dream to help people live better, healthier and happier lives remained as well.Out of my dream was born my new profession.

I went for a new education, completed master beautician education, herbalist, aromatherapist, qi-gong trainer and certified professional trainer after ISO-Standard. I am a passionate beautician, trainer and herbalist.

I learn with pleasure every day in my job. I am a contract partner of SVA and a trainer certified according to ISO / IEC 17024. On my way of steady education, I discovered and developed the series Ryo-Yoku-Do, a whole new art of cosmetics and health care.

It became a true gift for me to experience each day as my previously acquired knowledge and new abilities come together again to become a select and exclusive mosaic.

I am looking forward to every new day - with you