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Training for top professionals and individuals

I offer exclusive training in various areas such as specialist training for cosmetic and massage specialists, GO! Qi-Gong as company healthcare and performance optimization, training for private individuals in the context of personal development.

Many of my training units are done in-house training center.

I prefer to make trainings by the companies personally to provide the best on-site support and to ensure the effectiveness of the training.

Professional beautician and masseur training units are part of the Ryo-Yoku-Do ™ series.Those are including various units

Translated from Japanese it means 'The way the flowing wings'. This poetic name best reflects the contents of the training units I offer. With the acquired knowledge one brings a completely different dimension into the treatment. You do not offer 'just pure cosmetics' on a long line, but you are helping your customers to develop the confidence to promote the health, beauty, and well-being for a long time.

Thus, you are getting a new way in the daily routine work and your every treatment becomes unique.You achieve a stand-alone feature, stand out from the crowd of other cosmetologists and masseurs. Your style will be unique, your creativity can evolve.

You no longer need new-fashioned products or equipment - your hands, your mind and your knowledge will bring you better income and grateful customers. You can act freely and independently in your work.

We only find the right training where maximum support is provided. But it is not the training alone, but a lively exchange at eye level, which makes us feel happy in our life - to the next RAST-station! 

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