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GO!Qi-Gong is a movement meditation that helps you to train and maintain your resilience.

Resilience is like a windbreaker that protects us from negative influences in life. It is an optimal combination of the available resistance forces.

You can train and improve them.

GO!Qi-Gong helps us in difficult situations, to keep our heads up and free and to maintain the control.

GO!Qi-Gong is not a promenade mix of different currents, but a highly specialized program. It consists of different units: Earth, Heaven, Joints & Fascia, Women-queens, Business. The units are clear and precise. The effect - sustainably positive and versatile.

You can claim the cost of Q-Gong courses at SVA – Insurance and local Health Care Programs.

My knowledge of herbs allows the best possible support in case of need for a detailed and in-depth treatments.