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The way of Far Eastern facial massage

The Far Eastern facial massage combines the soothing effects of lymph drainage, acupressure and gentle work along the meridians and reflex zones on the face (multi-reflexology).

It eliminates various blockages, wrinkles and any kind of discomfort in the neck-shoulder-jaw areas. This Massage-Art contains special manual techniques which can impress with a rich history and old tradition. With the help of this special treatment, headaches, tension, and other complaints can be solved.

Used regularly, it can help you to get rid of those problems completely without any pills or doctors. The anti-aging effect adjusts by itself - as an additional gift.This massage is part of the healthcare in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In TCM, self-massages and dry baths, exercise (qigong), nutrition and herbs are used as one unit to ensure a holistic principle of treatment. Japanese facial massage combines various techniques from Tuina (in Japan called Anma or Anmo), which have been refined over centuries.

But this tradition has more to offer. If there is an intention to go beyond the limit of pure physical application, this technique, or rather, this unique combination of various techniques, gives us the opportunity.

This art gives us the possibility to combine an application with meditation, treatment with chakra stones or Qi Gong exercises.

In this way, we can initiate a complete re-set of body, mind, and soul. My clients are the creators - they show me how far they want to be accompanied.

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