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The English naturopath Robert St. John developed in the 50s based on the headlines of Far Eastern medicine his prenatal therapy, the metamorphic method.

According to Robert St. John, the most dangerous moment in a person's life is procreation, that is, when all information from the parent tree is combined with the parent tree in the egg cell.

Here springs the miracle of life out of its source. If the family connections are burdened, there may be stones in the source-bed and the flow is disturbed.

Those, who experience the metamorphic method will be able to put away the stones from their way if they want.

At the same time, the therapist, giving help within this method, stays with all feelings, desires, even with his love and compassion completely by himself, does not interfere with your life.

Therefore, the metamorphic method is a work that offers "help for self-help" and is not manipulative at all.

This Method is very easy to learn to use it at home regularly and to help your natives.

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