Musik & Farblicht

I love to work with special music from Solitude’s "Music for your Health". Dr. Lee Bartel, Professor at the Center for Health Promotion at the University of Toronto, also acted as development director at the "Bloorview McMillan Rehabilitation Center" for children.

David Brandstreet has been working as a musician and composer since 1968. The music of Solitudes is based on the modern knowledge about breathing, heart rate and stabilization of the human body and the psyche. This type of music helps people to process stress, negative influences from inside and out, and gives the listener the feeling of security and warmth. This music is a wonderful addition to our treatments and can also be enjoyed at home.

Color and light therapy is nothing new or invented.

The use of light in medicine and beauty care is very old: Even the ancient Egyptians knew how to use the natural sunlight for therapeutic purposes.

Greco-Roman learned it from the Greek spesialists, personal physician of quays Galen (129-199 AD personal physician to Emperor Marcus Aurelius) and Hippocrates described the soothing effects of sunbathing, colors and light. Since then, numerous pioneering works have emerged in the field of medical color research.

In 1903, the Danish physician Niels Ryberg received a Nobel Prize for the treatment of skin tuberculosis with blue light. Try it too!